A mother’s thoughts on father’s day “the truth”

It is time to tell the truth.  As a man, a father and a husband you failed all of us.  As your wife you mistreated me, devalued me and abused me physically, financially and psychologically.  As your wife I laid down my life and entire body for your pleasure and happiness.  I literally gave you my soul trying to get you to give me what I rightfully deserved because I was your wife.  the minute you realized that I was waking up to your mistreatment you went into over drive to destroy me. You vowed to honor, cherish and protect me and you did none of these things. During my time living with you I was made to feel dispensable.  I gave you children by actually abusing my body with injections from hormones and going under the knife of three surgeries.  I poured everything of me into you, the children, the home and the community.  When I became aware of

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I approve of me

Before Therapy, I gave away my power because I did not value myself. I thought I deserved mistreatment. I constantly sought approval from those that did not deserve me. After Therapy, I stand up for myself. I don’t allow anyone to mistreat me. I set clear boundaries and have the strength and value of self to enforce them. #therapyworks

What is the Evidence?

One therapy-tool that I use frequently is asking myself a simple question. “What is the evidence to support the thought?” If I am dwelling on an imaged wrong it can be put to rest with a simple, “what is the evidence of that?” In the past my abusers had a way of turning things around to make it appear that I was the one with the problem. Not anymore. I see right through the BS much quicker now. #therapyworks #getyousome

Group Therapy

it is, has been and always will be the words that save us, all of us, any of us can be affected by words we speak and the ones spoken to us I love them so much with out the words we would not be able to create new realities for ourselves all of us are essentially the sum total of words we have thought, spoken, written or heard and seen   I heard some words on Sunday that changed my whole perspective it had a ripple affect I called my mother and our words helped us heal and reconnect, but that phone call was the result of many words along this journey to healing words have taught me about myself and the world around me words have shown me where the pathology is rooted words have given me solutions and testimonies of others words have inspired courage to continue working on healing even when the words were to traumatizing

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