Healing is possible

My passion is to help women understand the different types of abuse, understand how it has affected her, and where to go to get help.
I am not a therapist but I have had a lot of therapy that has allowed me to change. I am not an expert on therapy. I just want to serve as an example that women can relate to.

I want to say, “SisStar, if I did it you can too. You can be happy on the inside all of the time. It is a downright dirty shame that we have to fix ourselves. But we can do it and your healing will change the course of your entire family for generations to come.”.


4 thoughts on “Healing is possible

  1. AMEN to this …. I also write a blog about my healing journey in therapy and help others share their stories.. I love what you wrote here! Love this … I followed your blog – hope to connect with you 🙂


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