Healing is possible

My passion is to help women understand the different types of abuse, understand how it has affected her, and where to go to get help.
I am not a therapist but I have had a lot of therapy that has allowed me to change. I am not an expert on therapy. I just want to serve as an example that women can relate to.

I want to say, “SisStar, if I did it you can too. You can be happy on the inside all of the time. It is a downright dirty shame that we have to fix ourselves. But we can do it and your healing will change the course of your entire family for generations to come.”.



4 thoughts on “Healing is possible

  1. True indeed


  2. AMEN to this …. I also write a blog about my healing journey in therapy and help others share their stories.. I love what you wrote here! Love this … I followed your blog – hope to connect with you 🙂


    1. Hello Karen Beth. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog post. Even more appreciation that you left a comment. I am going to check your story. We have connected and that makes me happy.


    2. Thank you so much Karen, I followed your blog also. As you already know the sacrifice for healing is huge but the good part is we get to encourage each other as we encourage others. Thanks again SisStar

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