It is healing time

I have taken the time to be still.  In the silence I commune with God.  My love for self-motivates me to take my healing to the next level.  I am not afraid.  I have lived all these years in a prison of fear and now that I have an opportunity to be free, I am going to choose Love.  I am reminded of the words from that old gospel song “I have come to far from where I started from.  Nobody told me that the road would be easy, but I don’t believe “She” brought me this far to leave me.”
I have worked hard and it really is showing.  I hear it from those that know and love me that they see a definite change for the better in how I show up in the world now.  I feel better.  My therapist has helped me navigate through things I thought I would never be able to do, but I did.  I will make it through to the other side.

“healing time”

my soul may be a little weary

my eyes are tired of crying

i still know i have what it takes to keep on fighting

when i look to the left

or even on my right

it appears it is just me

but i feel the presence of my ancestors

telling me

weep in the night

but don’t give up


the law says

you will have a season of reaping

what has been sown

now it is the season for healing

be still


you have grown

“whatever it takes to make it, I am going all the way, I may be down sometimes, but I won’t be down always”   ~~~sounds of blackness

mozayik “the souls’ poet”


3 thoughts on “It is healing time

  1. just read, your work has got better as time move on!.


  2. I appreciate you. Thanks for your support.


  3. Reblogged this on Life in Poetry and commented:

    “Still” Healing.


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