I am a mother with mental illness.

I could have said I suffer from depression, or that I deal with PTSD on a daily, but those have become acceptable words instead of saying mental illness. Those two words still hold an enormous amount of stigma.

I am changed by my understanding of self.  Self acceptance is a hard-earned virtue when your life started as a land mine where little girls were not safe.

I always knew this blog was inspired by the universes’ agreement with me to heal and help others by telling my story.

My story begins really, with mental illness.  My own, my mothers’ and any woman who knows there really are not a lot of safe havens for her to get the support she needs from family or community.  Depression kills so many every day.  Too many women suffer from mental disorders without help.

My new vision for the rest of my life is to help erase the stigma of mental illness.  If you include motherhood along with the stigma of mental illness it is utterly amazing what some women have been able to accomplish. What about those that did not or could not overcome?  What about those that struggle because of the fear of being judged or called crazy.

I am so very sure now of what I am to do with my book “Life in Poetry” “true story told in poetry”.  I am on purpose. I am excited.

I am open to the universe to be used in any way God sees fit to help mothers with mental illness.   I  have a vision and a plan.  Be on the look out and watch it all unfold.

The reason we wake up on any given day is not for ourselves.  We wake up because God wants to use us in someone’s life.  Even if it is just to pass along a smile that can travel across the world and create a massive wave of positive energy.

I am ready, willing and open to offer this gift to the world.


True story told in poetry. I am a Real and Raw Poet and Author of ”The Souls’ Poetry” my soul's true story of its’ journey to healing from the pain of childhood sexual trauma. I blog about my three year commitment to therapy and what life is like before and after healing. Decreasing the stigma of mental illness, inspiring women to tell their stories, and leading women To and Through Therapy is my mission.

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