True Story told in Poetry

I surrender. It is time to create. If I keep telling the same story I will keep attracting that energy. After so much personal change I have grown. Now is the time to Celebrate Triumphantly the innumerable possibilities that pushing through pain to healing has provided.
I perceive my past much differently now, and it no longer has the ability to imprison me. I am now creating and living my authentic life. At first fear of the unknown had me paralyzed. I really have no choice but to blossom. If I don’t move forward I will die not having reaped the benefits of all my hard work. Now is the time of manifestation. Now I get to be living proof.
So, I wont taking down the blog. I am creating another page that will be including poems that tell the true story of this new life. The cycle of survivor is over.

God gave it to me

So I could give to you

This poem is not mine

It is Sara’s and Michelle’s’ and June’s

It belongs to Mamie and Bertha and Cara and you

Marjorie’s sews a song for you in this poem

We all belong to this poem

That god gave to me to give to you

Love is this poem

Built on struggle and knowing how to suffer

Making ways where none could be found

With god’s help our feet hit the ground

Morning and in mourning

Loving us through to dawn

Know the backs this poem was built on

Strong is this poem

God gave to me to give to you

So you would know through our smiles

And humming of the hymns

That with the break of day

A way from no way Is made

This poem that God gave me to give to you

Says if Bertha and Mamie, Cara and Marjorie

Made it over

You can too

by mozayik “the souls’ poet”