Not my blood

Every one  wants something from me
they’ve taken my heart and my soul
control of mind I gave
now they want my blood
weren’t my tears enough

are not my scars the badge of honor they wear
never did they care about me
they take, they took

and continue to take
but they call me the crook
memories of horror
disgusting memories
embed in my sinew
are the etchings of abuse,
misuse, rejection, oppression
and now they want blood

I gave my dignity and
my body offered in sacrifice for their love
and they still want my blood
does anybody ever look outside of themselves
into the eyes of hurting souls

I gave years of dedication and devotion
went through poverty, lack and want
put up a front in front of my peers

bent over backward and kissed my own ass
trying to make the charade last

all I got was that’s not enough
give me more they said
give until your grave
will they ever see  what’s inside of me
bottled up fears, pain stricken tears
dashed hopes and swallowed up dreams

where is the light at the end of the tunnel
the pie in the sky
gold at the end of the rainbow
darkness before dawn
sun coming out tomorrow
joy in the morning
it won’t be there
if I give you blood

my blood is all I have and you want that too
after all that I’ve given to you
well kill me if you must
I won’t give it up
gave away too much already
you can’t have my blood

I won’t, I won’t I won’t give up
tired as I am of fighting
keep fighting I must
you can’t have my blood


3 thoughts on “Not my blood

  1. My… My… My… PRAISE that You Came out Able to Love & Be Loved!!! Following Your Lead!? Have ALWAYS treated Others “as I want to be treated.” Yet, they don’t follow the Rules.

    Working on that Bitterness… That I Allowed Myself to be Used and Thus Abused!! SHIT!!!!! ¿Stupidity?

    Told Me: I was “too nice”?! What da ____?!!


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