Thank you for stopping by to view my blog.  I want to share what poetry is to me.  If it were not for writing poetry I am certain I would have lost my mind, killed someone or killed myself.  Through poetry I have been able to purge negative emotions.  I have learned that the most powerful force is Love.  The most loving thing I can do is share my God given gift in hopes that my story will help to heal others.  If I made it through so can you.  One of my favorite sayings is “there but for the grace of God, go I”

I will tell you my story through my poems.  We will start with as far back as I can remember and move through to the present.  So, I guess you could say that this is an Autobiography told in poems.  There will be days when I digress, but most of the time I will post a poem and then try to tell you what experience and emotion inspired the poem.

I hope you enjoy and if you get something, anything from my words please leave me a comment.  This will let me know that someone is listening.


True story told in poetry. I am a Real and Raw Poet and Author of ”The Souls’ Poetry” my soul's true story of its’ journey to healing from the pain of childhood sexual trauma. I blog about my three year commitment to therapy and what life is like before and after healing. Decreasing the stigma of mental illness, inspiring women to tell their stories, and leading women To and Through Therapy is my mission.

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