Had to learn life’s not fair

play by unjust rules or lose

you’ll see they set you up

just to tear you down

remember to give

what you want to receive 

some things can’t be manipulated 

try as we may

there really is a thing called fate

destiny, if you believe

the universe is not under our control

take a minute to think about it 

the moon revolves around us

sun forever shines, birds always chirp

summer comes, winter goes

trees bud every spring

it rains when heaven declares it so

nothing we can do to stop it 

If we could just trust in the Universe’s laws

the world keeps turning but we don’t fall

plant a seed deep in the ground, nurture it

watch it grow into a mighty tree

if we would just believe

we were born with all we need 

it’s hard when we see injustice

every day trying our dignity

ultimately you are in control

of what you plant  in your soul

nurture goodness, peace, love

watch it grow inside your soul 

Tell haters go ahead hate me 

because I held onto what I believed

I didn’t let you plant negativity in me

I became responsible, made good choices

held on steadfastly to the belief

what I put out there is what I’ll receive

    copyright 1997

by mozayik a.k.a. “the soul’s poet”