"SHE IS ALIVE" "It is just collateral damage" and I said "Not on my watch she’s not"

I have been reflecting all day on the goings on of the last year of my life and one thing stands out among all the amazing changes and challenges. On the day we moved my daughter to another hospital because as a nurse that pulled me aside and told me said, “they were killing my daughter” I overheard a comment a Doctor said about her situation.
This doctor refused to look me in the eye. I was stretching my head all kind of ways to force him to look eye to eye with me without success. Because he deliberately would not look at me, when he left the room I followed him down the hall.
I overheard him telling one of the residents he was walking with

“It is just collateral damage” and I said “Not on my watch she’s not”
This has been one of the most traumatizing experiences a family can go through. It is right up there with death and cancer, murder or some other debilitating condition that causes someone life to just come to a halt.
Only another mother can comprehend the agonizing helpless feeling you endure when your child is suffering.
It is still hard to see her in that condition, but, SHE IS ALIVE.
My girl is still here, so no matter what changes or challenges I’ve had they pale in comparison to SHE IS ALIVE. Nothing else matters.