Happy Birthday Nesie

make a choice to believe in yourself

give in to the belief that you are unique

with talents and gifts all your own

no one can do it like you

no one but you can make your dream come true

whatever mistakes we make are only a tool

to purge and cut to help make us rule

better we learn from them and move on

don’t wallow in self-pity and doubt

use your errors as a spring board to break out

bounce back to the positive

give in to the belief that you are someone special

grab it, take hold of it and don’t let it go

speak it chant it pray it

say it until you’ve convinced your own soul

you are somebody for the world to behold


True story told in poetry. I am a Real and Raw Poet and Author of ”The Souls’ Poetry” my soul's true story of its’ journey to healing from the pain of childhood sexual trauma. I blog about my three year commitment to therapy and what life is like before and after healing. Decreasing the stigma of mental illness, inspiring women to tell their stories, and leading women To and Through Therapy is my mission.

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