Surgery for the Psyche

Recovering or healing from trauma is like surgery for the mind. When you are diagnosed with a condition that requires surgery usually, there will be preliminary courses of treatment. Your doctor might suggest a medication and if that does not work the doctor may suggest a course in physical therapy and the last resort is surgery to either remove or repair what is causing the problem.

Even before the diagnosis, there will be a period where you have symptoms that make you take a visit to the doctor’s office. There will be a consultation, some tests are run, and you may even be referred to a specialist who will run even more tests or get a tertiary opinion.

When the surgery is performed, they do not just cut you open. There will be preparation stages up until the day of the surgery. Sometimes the surgery is exploratory or even an emergency but nonetheless it is a serious situation.

An entire team of people along with an entire hospital is supporting you with anything you need from start to finish you are cared for until discharge. You will need follow up care. Your family and friends will support you and assist you with your recovery. Your job may give you time off with pay. You recuperate and slowly get back into the swing of things. You will probably receive cards, flowers, and gifts also many get well wishes. You will have a scar and a memory of the pain but for the most part, you heal and go on with your life.

Now look at the same scenarios but insert your mind.