Audacious? I was born this way.

I’m too loud for some, too bold, too outspoken and audacious. Some dont like me because I keep it real and raw with no apologies. I have a take it or leave it attitude. I am perfectly okay if you stay out of my way because you dont like me. I am trying to encourage women to heal,
I dont sugar coat anything and I am not responsible for your feelings.
I am passionate about African American Lesbians because I am an African american lesbian.
I am passionate about writing because writing saves my life. Educating African american lesbians about domestic violence is my purpose, I have been a victim of various forms of domestic violence. But coming to terms with the prevalent violence that goes on between two women is the most disturbing. Trying to find services that support African American Lesbians was futile and therein lies my motivation.
God called me to do it. Telling people about the invisible disability PTSD is a soul mission of mine because I overcome PTSD daily. I am able to overcome because of the arduous work done in Therapy. I have recovered from Depression and Anxiety.
My PTSD is a result of the many traumas I have survived in my life that started probably before I could remember but I do remember from the age of .  Rape, neglect, and abandonment before the age of six is why I kept choosing to partner with abusive people.
I had a severe lack of knowledge about how to cope and how to heal. I want to prevent others from having to experience what I did.
So, go ahead and point your finger of judgement at me. God gave me this loud voice and my bodacious personality.
My ability to keep it real allows me to be vulnerable enough to reach the souls that God allows to cross my path.
I fully embrace all that I am whether you like it or not. I am going to be me. #ToneDownForWhatLivesAreAtStake

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