I am citizen, I pay taxes, Give me All the rights that your citizenship affords you. (re-post from 2012 but still relevant)

People are wondering why I am so passionate about Same Sex Marriage in America. Personally I think (all) marriage laws are antiquated. They no longer apply to how we live our lives today, but as long as we have them they should be apply to everyone.

Whether I marry again or not I will die for the right of others to do what makes them happy.

I don’t understand the logic of anyone opposed to same gender marriage. What are you afraid of? If I or any other Tax Paying America Citizen want to avail ourselves of any benefit/law in this country it is our right to do so. If America wants to make different laws for certain groups of people then our tax dollars should be withheld so we can establish our own communities as we see fit.

That is like taking my dollars but saying we will spend it how we see fit and you will not benefit at all. Just watch everyone else enjoy the liberties your dollars afforded them. I am still asking myself why do so many people care about who other people sleep with. Has it ever dawned on anybody that some gay people don’t even have sex?

I am so upset I am seeing red because the LGBT community will be used again in the 2012 presidential election. It has already started. I live in Missouri the home of the (Tea Party) and I am about ready to take it to the streets and do battle with these Hypocrites.

There are more weightier issues we need to give our energies to, we have the elderly that cant afford their medications or children that are homeless or abused. Are not these issues more important? What about the money spent on the wars? What about War Veterans that are homeless and suffering from PTSD or substance abuse because of the trauma they have experienced at war and at home?

I know this is a passionate rant, I am so very tired of us not realizing that if we deny ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN their EQUAL RIGHTS then all of our rights are in danger.

Yes it is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue. I know people say well you can not compare it to African American civil rights because we cant change the color of our skin. Well contrary to popular belief neither can some gay people. I say some because there are those that chose to live an alternative life style, but for most it is not a choice. And so what if it were.

The bottom line is we are all HUMAN. Even if the bible says it is wrong which I do not believe it does but that is another rant. I will stick to the subject at hand.

The constitution says because we are AMERICAN CITIZENS we ALL should be treated equal. If you are a HUMAN BEING in America then you have the INALIENABLE RIGHT to pursue HAPPINESS. #endofdiscussion