True Friends

be grateful for your true friends

the ones that get you

there no matter what

they are the best


the ones that work with you

resolving any issues that tests friendship

the ones that hang in there through the tough times


the ones that answer at all times

no matter the color mood you are wearing

she strives to keep our friendship growing


grateful ones that tell the truth

we respectfully accept the others truth

without feeling we must make it our own

the ones that pat us on the back and hug us real tight


we remind each other of the awesome soul power we own

we stand toe to toe sometimes

most times though we stand side by side

in the extreme times, we knell down beside


friends like these are hard to find

someone smiling in your face could really mean you harm

only the tried and true will wrestle with you for and about the truth


loyalty becomes the wings to fly right over every storm

that is what has brought us this far

we help each other reach the stars.


y’all know who you are

I appreciate that our friendship is true

thanks for letting me count on you

I know you know, that the feeling is mutual


by mozayik “the souls’ poet”


Categories healing

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