My Kind of Beautiful

i am beautiful

yes, i love my skin

and my hair

everything about me everywhere

my body is all  just lovingly me

nobody has ever had these luscious lips on their face

unless i chose to share them with a kiss

you might wish

to be as beautiful as me

but that would never be

God made me uniquely


what i want all women to know is this

it is not in those lips they want to kiss

neither is it those thighs so divine

no, it is not in those pretty eyes either

unless she is looking for the glimmer of your soul

she can hold you all night long snuggled up to that booty

but the beauty isn’t in the buttocks

it resides in your soul

where the essence of you glows

it shows up when you hold your hand out to help another up

be your own kind of beautiful girl,

there is light placed in your soul

love is the real beauty of you

be the beautiful lovely soul that you are

you can never be my kind of beautiful

i am that special

unique type of beauty that can never be replicated

you are too,  so, do you, boo

i love you

by mozayik “the souls’ poet”