Unapologetically feeling (TherapyWorks) 

​Therapy is not an eraser. You don’t come out on the other side perfect. Therapy gives you understanding about self. When you learn new coping skills they MUST BE PRACTICED. Therapy helped me to be able to talk about what happened without it taking me under for weeks. The past still rears it’s ugly head but the difference is, now after therapy I use my tools that I learned work for me. I bounce back in minutes or hours but not days anymore. I honor my feelings and never apologize for having them. 

#TherapyWorks #Iamhappy 


True story told in poetry. I am a Real and Raw Poet and Author of ”The Souls’ Poetry” my soul's true story of its’ journey to healing from the pain of childhood sexual trauma. I blog about my three year commitment to therapy and what life is like before and after healing. Decreasing the stigma of mental illness, inspiring women to tell their stories, and leading women To and Through Therapy is my mission.

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