#153 lbs

6 years ago I started a journey to physical and psychological health. I quit smoking, lost 77 pounds so far and went back to College.
I started walking at least 2 miles four or five times a week. I recently quit sugar. No more Percocet pain pills and I use the Sun Rays to get rid of morning stiffness. Moving to Phoenix AZ has improved the quality of my life tremendously.
The most important changes have been my 3 1/2 year commitment to Therapy. Because of therapy my past wont ruin my future.  Because of therapy I can do anything.  There is no stopping me.  I AM LIVING MY DREAM of becoming a Business woman doing exactly what God called me to do with my life.

#GodSaidWrite #ToGodBeTheGlory
#TherapyWorks #miracleshappeneveryday


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