My soul speaks poetry

One day when I was overwhelmed with anxiety about my family being torn apart from domestic violence. I really only had one friend at the time. My entire so called church/cult family abandoned me because I was a “back slider”. This poem is what my soul said to me. #flowlikewater


you are a survivor girl stand up and be strong

you’ve made it through hard times

made it through the storms

girl you’re a survivor stand up and be strong

been through bad marriages

the let downs of the dreams

been through it all girl

but you’re still here

so it seems you can’t make it

seems you can’t see your way

but girl you survived

through it all till this day

so if you’ve made it this far girlfriend

go head on and be strong

you’re a survivor

you hung in there this long

gone girl with your bad self

you know what you can do, just try it

just believe in your self

don’t wait for somebody to tell you

that you can make it through

you know what you have got to do girl

reach deep down inside yourself

pull out what has been there for so long

girl whatever it took to make through

that bad marriage to a drug addict

whatever it took to be married to a wife beater

whatever it took to be abused,

misused, rejected neglected and put down

lied to and talked about

you made it through

you held your head up high and you kept on going

girl you can do it all you got to do is standup and be strong

you are a survivor girl, go ahead on