30 days in, then, this

I wrote this letter exactly one month after moving in with an ex.

You promised to not yell at me. You promised I would be free to be me.  All this yelling is unnecessary when a simple reply would suffice. You threatened to lock me in the basement and called me stupid.  What am I to do with this new information about you. Your pride will cause you to lose. No need to be mean and although it hurt so bad I know your angry is not about me.  I’m trying hard not to take it personally, but I was afraid you were going to hit me. I needed to run for my safety even if you were not going to hit me.

Was all that necessary especially when you know my history? Are you not able to control your self and just say Yvette whatever leave me alone? Even when I try to own my mistake and let you know I am sorry pleading for forgiveness, you just let me deal with it alone.

You said you said you said …..you know I don’t deserve it, this has got to stop.  Your flying off the handle makes it hard to trust.  My life has taught me what happens when people are out of control.

I really cant believe this is happing we are too old, you blame me as if I can control you, if you don’t want to argue don’t argue, if you don’t want to fight don’t fight, if you don’t want yelling don’t yell, the way you express your anger or frustration is not appropriate for the situation, I just don’t know what to do with this information.

And don’t try to tell me that it is just me, this is how you have behaved with everybody,

I know this is not the total of who you are, but this one thing will drive us apart, two wrongs don’t make a right, and I don’t want to live my life with strife.  I want to run to find safety.  There will be arguments, but the hollering and screaming has got to cease, I love me too much to put up with that.  You or we are not children that throw temper tantrums, if you are not pleased just simply state it but not at one hundred degrees of aggressiveness.  You can’t blame your behavior on me that is your responsibility to act accordingly.   I see you have a pattern of blowing up on everybody not just me, but it needs to cease if we are to be prosperous and healthy to any degree.

I will not allow you to put the blame for your outbursts on me. Own your shit and fix it so we can move on. I am not perfect and if this is a problem for you and you want it to stop, your behavior is not helping us at all.

I don’t want the responsibility of controlling your behavior. I can only control myself. I will do my best and you know I will, but that shit has got to be chilled. Period, point, blank I am not your puppet master, act like it.

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