trio of duo

i don’t want to think about you or the two of you

or the duo that keeps doing me over an over and over again

i spin out of control cause you don’t love me again and again and again

i keep choosing these mother fucking duos

the you and the me

the bitter, the sweet

the hate of the love, the love of the hate

both of us still coming late to the realization

that we keep fucking us up again and again

they say it is a sin to serve two masters

so i am choosing to bow out and let both of y’all go

so that soon after i can be through with this duo over and over again

i give you the chance to prove your love but then here we go again

leaving and coming because we both like the cumming, let’s be real

when will we stop this coming and going and cumming

cause baby, it’s blowing my mind

it’s blowing my high i get off life

this propensity to the pain and the strife

got me wandering around in the dark night of my mind

cause i don’t want to face it

cause what does it say about me

am i also lacking empathy

am i  also not able to see

the pain i have caused those around me

when will it stop

no one knows

but for me, I’m out

i will not keep creating a trio out of the duo of you and she

by mozayik ‘the souls’ poet’