Quit acting like a bitch

As a woman every time I hear the remark, “You are acting like a girl/bitch”, it stings. It, to me, is saying there is something wrong in being female, feminine or a girl. It is a total put down. The remark is to say you are less than or you did not measure up.

It hurts 10x more when it comes out of the mouth of women when speaking about other women. Even if it is spoken to a man or boy it still insinuates that there is something wrong with femininity.

As a lesbian I don’t want to be in a relationship with another woman that treats me or speaks about me in a derogatory way just because she is more comfortable from a masculine center. It hurts because it stigmatizes femininity. It down grades the energy that keeps life going.

We are not given the honor and respect we deserve as women. Maybe that is why my grandmothers had no men around. They stood up for themselves and did not allow men to dictate what they could or could not do. They were home owners without men. Strong women raised me and made me the strong woman that I am. I never saw them give up.

They did not rely on men to do anything.

My grandmother and I built everything from scratch. We planted large gardens, planted bushes and built a big dog pen with metal posts supported with concrete and a wire link fence with a gate. We built our back steps and installed sink faucets, and whatever was needed we did it ourselves.

So for me to consider being less than or weaker because I am a woman is foreign to me.

I was raised to be what they now are calling an Alpha female. I want a partner in life but I don’t need one to thrive and be happy.

The self worth gained after therapy is enough to motivate me to be my best self. I have a lot to offer the world with the years I have left. I have been preparing myself to serve so that women will see my example and be inspired to transform their own lives.

We are not bitches and there is nothing wrong with being empathetic and kind. Tears have a purpose and emotions serve as our teachers. All human beings have emotions but left unchecked or unacknowledged they will handle us.