She helped me to fix my life too.

The woman that has had the biggest impact on my life is Iyanla Vanzant. I started reading EVERYTHING she wrote in the mid 1990’s when I purchased Tapping the Power Within.
This was a bold move because I was just leaving a “Christian” church that told me her teachings and everything about her was of the devil.
I guess they did not want to lose control of my mind.
She revolutionized my entire being as a woman. I have been rocking with her for decades. Long before the televised version of “Fix My Life” she helped me to grow into a mature and responsible woman I am today that continues to follow her.
I guess you could say she has been one of my virtual mentors. The things I learned from reading her books helped me to make a commitment to therapy. She was one of my relate-able example and now I strive to be that for other women.
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