Dont take care of me. I got this.

It has been an interesting 2017.  The last few months have proven to be evidence of my change.  Being whole allows me to not need completion from another person.  Wholeness speaks to knowing that everything I need I can provide for myself.  Seeking to be rescued is the past.

When I hear those famous words that always pulled me in,  “I want to take care of you.”  I run in the opposite direction.  That is co dependency calling my name.  I am not about that life anymore.  The compelling desire to fix other people’s life has dissipated. My self worth is not contingent on whether or not you appreciate me.  I appreciate me.

Trusting self begins with trusting God.  Life is good.  I am taking my time and paying attention. Self Love demands that I be patient and not cast my pearls to the lowest bidder. I am enough for me.  I am finally free.