Triggers “unchecked anger is dangerous, I know first hand”   

*my post from 2014*

On my way to my last therapy appointment in St Louis.   If you have PTSD you know that the events of the last week have created a crisis for us. We are dealing with all the crap that comes up in our minds, bodies and spirit. Anxiety, anger, hyper vigilance, easily startled, insomnia, flash backs, irritability  and for some we  can get stuck in the past and respond to the world as if events from the past are actually happening. This is traumatizing for us all, but some are not their normal selves.  I have been trying to stay away because it touches a place in me that I have a hard time coming back from.  “unchecked anger is dangerous, I know first hand.  

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  1. Do you follow Alexis Rose? She wrote a book called Untangled that you might be able to relate to.

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