Triggers (only applied knowledge is truly powerful.


Before therapy I was unaware of my triggers and could not escape the insidious cycles with their regretful aftermath.  In therapy I learned to identify my triggers, accept the reasons, and learn new coping skills (that have to practiced) to recover quicker.

The triggers have not gone away but after therapy I am more able to prepare when possible.  If I know a situation will cause me to be triggered I can use skills practiced in therapy by planning ahead.

Once triggered one skill I use often is to ground myself by observing my surroundings and telling my mind and body, “that was then, this is NOW.  I am NOT a vulnerable little girl anymore.  I am NOW an adult able to protect myself.  I may have a memory of a past traumatic event that “feels like” what is happening now but the BIG difference is the tools my therapist gave me.

Therapy was about doing the work to know self, accept self and to love self.

If therapy is truly working self acceptance will be your anchor while healing.  This was the essential ingredient I needed to heal.  Understanding self empowered me to change.

I will be talking about triggers for a while because after therapy the work continues. Knowledge is not truly powerful until applied.