Happy is a gift I give to myself

(for ADV)

“I wrote this for a friend, today it is for me.”

You have a choice to make my friend,

I know where you are

and have said the same things,

but reality is we were born

with everything we need.

We just need to make a choice.

Our brains can’t hold on to more

than one thought at a time,

see, right there is an example of

the universe’s kindness

serving our deepest desires.

So when you wake each day,

you can choose to fly higher,

or lie back down and give up,

allowing this wonderful life

to transpire without you

in the world as you exist now.

It won’t stop the pain or frowns

from the pointing fingers

that wants to keep you down.

You have a choice to make my friend,

stay down or stand up.

If you chose to stay down

I still got your back.

It would be so much better

if you could just chose

to stand up and give yourself a break,

realize that life if full of mistakes

if you chose to see it that way.

I pray that you will chose another way,

to look at your circumstance.

Then say to yourself,

“Today I choose to be happy that is a gift I give to myself.”

By mozayik 5.26.12