Where is my lover?

Give me a lover
that will warm my heart
and my bed.

She doesn’t want to be led,
and a follower she won’t need me to be.

Side by side we will walk,
heart to heart we will talk,
soul to soul making love.

This is the lover I dream of,
she knows when to be strong,
when to be weak,
will even weep with me.

This lover will smile
while looking into my eyes.
She will kiss me gently,
not always reaching for my thighs.
She’ll treasure what is inside my mind,
not how I look, she will remember
just what it took to get me,
and will always do it to keep me.

This lover knows I’m not looking for a cheap thrill
not looking for her mansion sitting on a hill.
She knows that all I need is her love that’s true
and for my love anything she will do.

She’ll tell me she loves me at least once a day,
fearing that if she doesn’t my desire will fade.
She’ll care about the little things,
like how important a hug can be.

She’ll let me know that she respects me.
She’ll take the time to remind me
just how special I am,
and how much she needs me.

If this is the kind of lover that you are
then right now I’m wishing on a star
to guide you my way.
Where ever you are!
I love you!

by Mozayik (the souls’ poet)

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