Who is Mozayik “the souls’ poet”?

Who is Mozayik “the souls’ poet”?

I seek the golden noise of silence
and crave the heart thumping beat of the drum
I am alone a lot but not lonely
I can love and let go

I tend to see the good in everything
poverty has been my state
and abundance is my fate

I love men but I desire women
I’m your mama, sister and friend
I give my love so I can receive love

the silver lining of every cloud is mine
I’m growing while standing still
and move at my own will

I’m spiritual not religious

my hair is sometimes short
and sometimes long
some day’s I don’t use a comb

I like my coffee like
I like my lovers
strong, black and sweet

I feel the flow of the universe
and God lives inside of me

the day I was born
I was given everything I would need

my soul is orange
my heart is red
and my mind is yellow

music is my lover
I said, music is my lover

words are my closest friends
the beauty I see in this would will never end

I like a baby’s breath and a cats meow
don’t care too much for the bow wows

What am I you say?

I’m an artist
because I am an artist
I am most times misunderstood

because I don’t think or act
the way people think I should
but staying true to myself is a gift of self love

I like Beethoven, rap, jazz, reggae and blues
can’t do rock, it lacks the ability to sooth
I’m a free spirit in control
I possess my soul
I’m happy with me,
if you’re not
maybe in my world
you don’t need to be

I can’t be bought
I’m priceless
handle me carefully
I’m a precious jewel

my tongue and pen are my tools
both have power to create beauty and commit murder

I’m trying not to live in the past
to prove I’ve learned my lessons well
so on this earth I won’t dwell, in hell

What am I you say?
I am a writer and poet

by Mozayik “the souls poet”




Karma is not a bitch.  Karma is sweet.  Karma is fair.

She will give you what you deserve

and about your feelings she doesn’t care.

She will pay you in love,

If that is what you reap.

sowing seeds of love and positivity

will keep you out of the path of Karma’s negative proclivity.

Karma will be your friend,

until you make her your enemy.

Whether you acknowledge her or not

she will bite that ass no doubt

it is an absolute guarantee.

See, me and Karma go way back

to a time when I did not know

or respect

her affect.

I finally woke up when my love debt was past due.

I had burned too many bridges,

so, a reckoning with Karma I had to do

that changed my views.

Everyone will get what they are due.

No matter your hue.


I love every day my very best,

I am reaping love in abundance cause I let go of judgments,

no more right or wrong.

I am living the moments of my life’s song

I have created a life in love for myself,

my journey is filled with valley blessings.

I am receiving my wealth of love that Karma has dispensed.

by Mozayik “the souls’ poet” © 61917

I am citizen, I pay taxes, Give me All the rights that your citizenship affords you. (re-post from 2012 but still relevant)

I am citizen, I pay taxes, Give me All the rights that your citizenship affords you. (re-post from 2012 but still relevant)

People are wondering why I am so passionate about Same Sex Marriage in America. Personally I think (all) marriage laws are antiquated. They no longer apply to how we live our lives today, but as long as we have them they should be apply to everyone.

Whether I marry again or not I will die for the right of others to do what makes them happy.

I don’t understand the logic of anyone opposed to same gender marriage. What are you afraid of? If I or any other Tax Paying America Citizen want to avail ourselves of any benefit/law in this country it is our right to do so. If America wants to make different laws for certain groups of people then our tax dollars should be withheld so we can establish our own communities as we see fit.

That is like taking my dollars but saying we will spend it how we see fit and you will not benefit at all. Just watch everyone else enjoy the liberties your dollars afforded them. I am still asking myself why do so many people care about who other people sleep with. Has it ever dawned on anybody that some gay people don’t even have sex?

I am so upset I am seeing red because the LGBT community will be used again in the 2012 presidential election. It has already started. I live in Missouri the home of the (Tea Party) and I am about ready to take it to the streets and do battle with these Hypocrites.

There are more weightier issues we need to give our energies to, we have the elderly that cant afford their medications or children that are homeless or abused. Are not these issues more important? What about the money spent on the wars? What about War Veterans that are homeless and suffering from PTSD or substance abuse because of the trauma they have experienced at war and at home?

I know this is a passionate rant, I am so very tired of us not realizing that if we deny ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN their EQUAL RIGHTS then all of our rights are in danger.

Yes it is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue. I know people say well you can not compare it to African American civil rights because we cant change the color of our skin. Well contrary to popular belief neither can some gay people. I say some because there are those that chose to live an alternative life style, but for most it is not a choice. And so what if it were.

The bottom line is we are all HUMAN. Even if the bible says it is wrong which I do not believe it does but that is another rant. I will stick to the subject at hand.

The constitution says because we are AMERICAN CITIZENS we ALL should be treated equal. If you are a HUMAN BEING in America then you have the INALIENABLE RIGHT to pursue HAPPINESS. #endofdiscussion

What Happened?

What Happened?

Before therapy whenever I would feel depressed or have anxiety and feel guilty.

I would punish myself with negative thoughts. I would always think to myself “what is wrong with me?”.

After therapy I can’t remember the last time I had that thought. Because I know there is nothing wrong with me. I know I have not done anything wrong.

Something bad happened to me. Something very very bad happened to me. That is why I do hate I behaved the way I did in the past. What happened to me caused PTSD.

When I am triggered I am afraid, guarded, vigilant and I don’t trust anybody. I don’t feel safe and I feel the need to protect myself.

I spent most of my life on guard not trusting.  PTSD is not what is wrong with me.

PTSD is what is the result of what happened to me.

She helped me to fix my life too.

She helped me to fix my life too.
The woman that has had the biggest impact on my life is Iyanla Vanzant. I started reading EVERYTHING she wrote in the mid 1990’s when I purchased Tapping the Power Within.
This was a bold move because I was just leaving a “Christian” church that told me her teachings and everything about her was of the devil.
I guess they did not want to lose control of my mind.
She revolutionized my entire being as a woman. I have been rocking with her for decades. Long before the televised version of “Fix My Life” she helped me to grow into a mature and responsible woman I am today that continues to follow her.
I guess you could say she has been one of my virtual mentors. The things I learned from reading her books helped me to make a commitment to therapy. She was one of my relate-able example and now I strive to be that for other women.