True Friends

True Friends

be grateful for your true friends

the ones that get you

there no matter what

they are the best


the ones that work with you

resolving any issues that tests friendship

the ones that hang in there through the tough times


the ones that answer at all times

no matter the color mood you are wearing

she strives to keep our friendship growing


grateful ones that tell the truth

we respectfully accept the others truth

without feeling we must make it our own

the ones that pat us on the back and hug us real tight


we remind each other of the awesome soul power we own

we stand toe to toe sometimes

most times though we stand side by side

in the extreme times, we knell down beside


friends like these are hard to find

someone smiling in your face could really mean you harm

only the tried and true will wrestle with you for and about the truth


loyalty becomes the wings to fly right over every storm

that is what has brought us this far

we help each other reach the stars.


y’all know who you are

I appreciate that our friendship is true

thanks for letting me count on you

I know you know, that the feeling is mutual


by mozayik “the souls’ poet”


My Kind of Beautiful

My Kind of Beautiful

i am beautiful

yes, i love my skin

and my hair

everything about me everywhere

my body is all  just lovingly me

nobody has ever had these luscious lips on their face

unless i chose to share them with a kiss

you might wish

to be as beautiful as me

but that would never be

God made me uniquely


what i want all women to know is this

it is not in those lips they want to kiss

neither is it those thighs so divine

no, it is not in those pretty eyes either

unless she is looking for the glimmer of your soul

she can hold you all night long snuggled up to that booty

but the beauty isn’t in the buttocks

it resides in your soul

where the essence of you glows

it shows up when you hold your hand out to help another up

be your own kind of beautiful girl,

there is light placed in your soul

love is the real beauty of you

be the beautiful lovely soul that you are

you can never be my kind of beautiful

i am that special

unique type of beauty that can never be replicated

you are too,  so, do you, boo

i love you

by mozayik “the souls’ poet”

Graduation Pictures

Graduation Pictures

I moved to Phoenix Arizona in March of 2016. I found the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation .

I graduated from their Small Business Start Up Certificate Program on May 12th. Professors from Paradise Valley Community College sacrificed their time and energy to teach us every Saturday morning from 9:30-2:00. I did not miss one Saturday from September to May.

My book The Souls’ Poetry is the catalyst for my Business The Souls’ Poetry LLC where my mission is “To Lead Women in the LGBTQI community to commit to and complete therapy.”  The Souls’ Poetry

No one is talking about the violence that women do to other women in their relationships. I want to start the conversation about how to heal so that we have more healthy interactions.

I now have a GREAT Professional Business Plan. Next step of my strategy is to get licensed to do business. My focus will be to use writing and poetry workshops to help women to give voice to the pain endured from DV (domestic violence) and IPV (intimate partner violence) that may have resulted in PTSD. There is a severe lack of education behind the walls of shelters for domestic violence about PTSD. I want to use these workshops to get the information out there about the different types of abuse, provide resources and peer support. All of this takes money so pray for me that all will be provided.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world so my long term goal is to have an organization that supports Mothers that have mental illness.

My book is soon to be published. Anyone that has self published a book or started a small business understands the tedious process. I am encouraged because I am much closer now thanks to all of the support I have received mostly from women.

Life after therapy is wonderful. I never knew I could be so happy and accomplish so much. I’m not whole if my SisStar isn’t whole. Your healing is my healing. #GirlGetYouSomeHelp


4 Journaling Exercises to Help You Manage Your Emotions

Sometimes, it can feel like your emotions are doing all the talking. Like a particularly powerful emotion is the driver and you’re sitting bewildered in the backseat. But you can learn to cope with your emotions in a healthy way. In fact, there are many methods to effectively manage your emotions. Journaling is one of them. “Journals are like a checkpoint between your emotions and the world,” writes clinical psychologist Beth Jacobs, Ph.D, in her valuable workbook Writing for Emotional Balance: A Guided Journal to Help You Manage Overwhelming Emotions. Journaling helps you make sense of your emotions, pinpoint patterns and gain relief. Research has shown that it also helps you reduce stress, solve problems more effectively and even improve your health. In Writing for Emotional Balance, Jacobs lays out seven skills of emotion management: distancing yourself from your emotions; defining what emotions mean for you; releasing stuck emotions; learning to focus while experiencing

Source: 4 Journaling Exercises to Help You Manage Your Emotions