Soul note 

“I am a survivor. I always figure out the way through difficult situations. I am strong enough to write about the past and still live in the now.” mozayik ” the souls’poet” Advertisements

When your day starts with triggers? 

Some triggers can be anticipated and allows for preparation. There are those triggers though that kick you in the gut and knock you immediately into the past. Before therapy I carried the angry energy around me like a cloud sometimes for days. I had no idea what was happening to me because of what “happened to me” as a child.  After therapy the knowledge of self and ptsd and what that looks like on me empowers me to use the skills learned and practiced in therapy to manage the fall out of triggers.  I fully expect to one day laugh at a trigger and say, “I see you but you don’t faze me anymore.” Until then I will keep practicing what I learned in therapy.  Shout out to my therapist of more than three years. ~Quandra Chaffers


​Before therapy I doubted if my vision for my life would be realized. PTSD would always stop me in my tracks because of the triggers. I dealt with the triggers by running from the situation causing the trigger. I was very unstable. Some situations actually made me feel as if I was in the past. Sexual Trauma suffered as a very young  child is so horrific that it is buried in the mind deeply because the child doesn’t even have words or images to explain what is happening to them. But the suppressed energy has to be brought to the surface and released. Therapy actually educates you on what is going on with the mind and body. It then helps to release those feelings and identify the why’s. Taking the punch out of the past allows for the space to unlearn coping skills that do not serve your highest good. Practicing new skills is the work still to be done

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Unapologetically feeling (TherapyWorks) 

​Therapy is not an eraser. You don’t come out on the other side perfect. Therapy gives you understanding about self. When you learn new coping skills they MUST BE PRACTICED. Therapy helped me to be able to talk about what happened without it taking me under for weeks. The past still rears it’s ugly head but the difference is, now after therapy I use my tools that I learned work for me. I bounce back in minutes or hours but not days anymore. I honor my feelings and never apologize for having them.  #TherapyWorks #Iamhappy 

#153 lbs

#153lbs 6 years ago I started a journey to physical and psychological health. I quit smoking, lost 77 pounds so far and went back to College. I started walking at least 2 miles four or five times a week. I recently quit sugar. No more Percocet pain pills and I use the Sun Rays to get rid of morning stiffness. Moving to Phoenix AZ has improved the quality of my life tremendously. The most important changes have been my 3 1/2 year commitment to Therapy. Because of therapy my past wont ruin my future.  Because of therapy I can do anything.  There is no stopping me.  I AM LIVING MY DREAM of becoming a Business woman doing exactly what God called me to do with my life. #GodSaidWrite #ToGodBeTheGlory #TherapyWorks #miracleshappeneveryday