Everyday I fight

We all have choices and we all have our tailored made cross to balance the mountains and valleys that will prepare us for our Purpose.

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Self Publishing?

Thanks God.  On the days when we can see the vision clearly but it seems so far away the universe always gives us that push we need to keep going. Giving up is not an option. Our soul bears witness to the purpose. I have been working on my book non-stop since January of this year. 7 years ago the first draft was printed.  Discouragement tried it’s hand today. I purchased some classes to help me understand the self publishing process.   The part on the five step process of Editing made me pause.  That could take months.  it felt like a kick in the gut, at first, but after much prayer I am pressing forward. Love, Peace and “the souls’ poet” mozayik

Amazing you

you are amazing i am loving you so much lately  you have overcome so many obstacles  you have had to make some hard choices  you have grieved what was you are moving forward with new goals you did not give up i am proud of you for your tenacity  you are a strong warrior you know sometimes the soldier needs help  just because you took another route does not make you a failure it says you are courageous enough to move toward the unknown  you had enough faith in god and belief that your efforts would be rewarded  you are amazing when i think of how you have overcame still to love as you do ……………………….. you are beautiful by mozayik “the souls’ poet”

Standing up for Nesie

Originally posted on Girl Get You Some Help:
I am getting the lesson.  I am waking up to what the universe has been teaching me through the circumstances of my life.  It is okay to say, “You hurt me and it is not okay.”  In the past I was the one that forgave quickly and tried to empathize with the person being abusive to me in some way. I made excuses for them but quietly resented that they did not automatically know how something said or done had affected me.  I did not hold them accountable by telling them how I felt.  I gave them free reign to disrespect and invalidate my feelings. I have gone out of my way to advocate and defend the rights of others but when it came to standing up for myself I would give up and give in.  It was as if my feelings did not matter or I somehow deserved to be treated…