True Story told in Poetry

I surrender. It is time to create. If I keep telling the same story I will keep attracting that energy. After so much personal change I have grown. Now is the time to Celebrate Triumphantly the innumerable possibilities that pushing through pain to healing has provided. I perceive my past much differently now, and it no longer has the ability to imprison me. I am now creating and living my authentic life. At first fear of the unknown had me paralyzed. I really have no choice but to blossom. If I don’t move forward I will die not having reaped the benefits of all my hard work. Now is the time of manifestation. Now I get to be living proof. So, I wont taking down the blog. I am creating another page that will be including poems that tell the true story of this new life. The cycle of survivor is over. God gave it to me So I could

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