My Love is Inexhaustible

Fear robs us of so much. Today I have talked about love, thought a lot about love and read a lot about people wanting but fearing love.  It seems we all want love but we are afraid to love anyone cause we don’t want to hurt.

Yet people like me get criticized for just wanting to experience love in all its facets.  I am love so why wouldn’t I want to give this love away?   All we have really, to give, is love.  You can judge me and call me kooky.  But while you living in fear I am living in love.
I may get “hurt” 25 more times before I die but at least I lived and loved.  I may have 6 more relationships that fail (I hope not, that is why I am doing my work in therapy) but at least I have created some great memories and loved some wonderful people.

I don’t regret any love I have given and I will love the next lover  with as much fervency as the last.
This love is mine to give and it is inexhaustible.  At the end of my life you can say “She loved”

Just Love somebody damn it!!!  Love or Fear which will you choose?

love 1


an inexhaustible stream

at birth given

for me to give away

the only power i have

the only thing i could ever control

is my choice to love

i don’t have to chase it

or look for it

i am it

so i decide to love

right now

this second

giving you my love

makes my love overflow

when i give it to you

god gives me more

the only reason to be alive

is to love

any other reason and you are

just biding time

excerpt from “life is poetry” by mozayik “the souls’ poet”  pg 67

We find each other, the ones that seek love. The price of love is truth.

There are days when you come face to face with self.  These are usually the hardest days of your life.  In one moment, you will decide what the rest of your life will look like.  There are only two choices.  Choose the path of fear that tells you this is all you will ever be or have, so you might as well get what you can.  You do not believe you deserve anything more and your life will stop.  You will be living a lie.  If your life is a lie then your life is a waste.


The great thing is the other choice is the path to self-love that leads to unconditional love for others because you have it for yourself.  Unconditional does not mean you expect less of yourself.  It really demands that you take responsibility for the choices you have made thus far.  This will empower you to make wiser choices.  The choices that serve your “Highest” good and   that are the absolute for your purpose.


This path to truth will try everything you say you are.  Only the path of love will help you evolve to another level of self.  A more authentic soul is all most of us desire.  When it is all said and done, we just want to serve and we accept that means some days we will be alone but the journey to love is not lonely.  Love does not hurt.


We find each other, the ones that seek love.  The price of love is truth.

~~~~~mozayik “the souls’ poet


Happy is a gift I give to myself

(for ADV)

“I wrote this for a friend, today it is for me.”

You have a choice to make my friend,

I know where you are

and have said the same things,

but reality is we were born

with everything we need.

We just need to make a choice.

Our brains can’t hold on to more

than one thought at a time,

see, right there is an example of

the universe’s kindness

serving our deepest desires.

So when you wake each day,

you can choose to fly higher,

or lie back down and give up,

allowing this wonderful life

to transpire without you

in the world as you exist now.

It won’t stop the pain or frowns

from the pointing fingers

that wants to keep you down.

You have a choice to make my friend,

stay down or stand up.

If you chose to stay down

I still got your back.

It would be so much better

if you could just chose

to stand up and give yourself a break,

realize that life if full of mistakes

if you chose to see it that way.

I pray that you will chose another way,

to look at your circumstance.

Then say to yourself,

“Today I choose to be happy that is a gift I give to myself.”

By mozayik 5.26.12