A writers need for Solitude

I just need to clear my head of the demons tormenting me with sounds of past nightmares and present day real or imagined harm I am full ready to pop don’t want to drop all my cares at every stop need to breathe, to see me I am blinded by everyone else s importunities craving aloneness the only way I know to reach the part of me that is free and filled with possibility I just want to be unbound in my mind the only sanctuary to hide until I can cope with difficulties outside of me to have peace I have to touch the part of GOD that resides inside me can’t be found out there I know it is hard to understand the only way I know to get what I need to deal with issues blinding me from what it is I am silence is golden solitude is good for the soul it is a spiritual thing

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Standing up for Nesie

I am getting the lesson.  I am waking up to what the universe has been teaching me through the circumstances of my life.  It is okay to say, “You hurt me and it is not okay.”  In the past I was the one that forgave quickly and tried to empathize with the person being abusive to me in some way. I made excuses for them but quietly resented that they did not automatically know how something said or done had affected me.  I did not hold them accountable by telling them how I felt.  I gave them free reign to disrespect and invalidate my feelings. I have gone out of my way to advocate and defend the rights of others but when it came to standing up for myself I would give up and give in.  It was as if my feelings did not matter or I somehow deserved to be treated badly. I am growing.  I am presented with

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