Love Chase

All of my life I’ve been risking it all. Fall after fall I kept getting up, running, trying to catch the next heart. Broken up with lies, “we” never arriving to a destination that had no beginning or ending for its’ route.   Emotions roll, we separate, trying to be whole by fixing the holes in our souls and so it goes, “we” wearing many faces until we finally admit that our addictions are the vehicles we use to chase love.   The tragedy of this reality is we search all over, only to find we had it all along, it is our home. We travel far looking for ourselves. In our own hearts are the answers, that is where you find your love. Once you find it, the only way to keep it is to give it away by mozayik “the souls’ poet” 121712  


you see I am holding on the best I can but I don’t see you there extending the hand that rubbed my body and released it from pain the hand you held out to me has now changed where it was smooth and healing it is rough and cutting and cold tearing my secrets apart I have to take care of me I was wrong to offer myself incomplete I will go to make myself whole but I know I wont need your hand anymore I want and deserve more I will never change you into what I need you will forever let me chase and bleed I am strong enough now so go ahead take your bow out of this, is what I need if I am ever going to get back to me I was born with what I need to take care of me my biggest red flag should have been “Baby, I want to take care

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