I really am tired of crying about this shit.  I want to and I need to move forward.  I have said I will let it go but it will always be a part of me.  I cant let go, letting go implies it is no longer a part of my story.  This is my story and I will tell it as “my” truth.   The journey of this book has been a whole lot more than a few poems on numbered pages.  This book is my life.  The tracks of tears are written on my heart and my blood beats every word as I plead for healing.  Each letter a desire to be free from the past.  I have stopped running, and hiding behind lovers.  No more denial cloaked with distractions. I am more than a survivor and I am not my pain.  I am fortunate enough to tell a story of triumph.  I am here.  I am love.  I am

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Barren Hearts, Fruitful Wombs sing for the motherscry for the mothersmoan for the motherswith barren hearts and fruitful wombs spirits brokenleaky souls drained of lovewail their moansweep for their woundswho understands their woethe liquor they swallowis to dull the paintheir world is a dungeonfilled with heroin or crack cocainecoursing through their veins they use to silence terrorist demonsthat torment their soulswho will really seethat the men creeping in and outof their bedroom doorsare only a band-aid for heart aching soresdon’t call them whores or junkiesthey’re only a product of this country striped of ancestral wisdomculture snatchedwhen our foremothers were broughtto these so called united shoresthey united in striping usof our dignity, language and familiesit’s time to restoreit’s time to look these mothers in the eyeslook at the reality of why they cry sing for the motherscry for the mothersmoan for the mothersbarren hearts fruitful womb accept them as they areshow them you careeveryone has a reasonwhy they are what they

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Surgery for the Psyche

Recovering or healing from trauma is like surgery for the mind. When you are diagnosed with a condition that requires surgery usually, there will be preliminary courses of treatment. Your doctor might suggest a medication and if that does not work the doctor may suggest a course in physical therapy and the last resort is surgery to either remove or repair what is causing the problem. Even before the diagnosis, there will be a period where you have symptoms that make you take a visit to the doctor’s office. There will be a consultation, some tests are run, and you may even be referred to a specialist who will run even more tests or get a tertiary opinion. When the surgery is performed, they do not just cut you open. There will be preparation stages up until the day of the surgery. Sometimes the surgery is exploratory or even an emergency but nonetheless it is a serious situation. An entire

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