Happy Birthday Nesie

make a choice to believe in yourself give in to the belief that you are unique with talents and gifts all your own no one can do it like you no one but you can make your dream come true whatever mistakes we make are only a tool to purge and cut to help make us rule better we learn from them and move on don’t wallow in self-pity and doubt use your errors as a spring board to break out bounce back to the positive give in to the belief that you are someone special grab it, take hold of it and don’t let it go speak it chant it pray it say it until you’ve convinced your own soul you are somebody for the world to behold Advertisements

I love you Nesie

Every day (because of my past) I fight the thoughts and feelings of rejection, abandonment and abuse.  Every day gets easier. I am learning how to capture those ugly thoughts and replace them with loving thoughts about why I love me. It use to have me waking to tears and feeling like what is the point if nobody cares? Now I wake with a smile that I survived.  Every day I learn a new way to love me.  Every day I am grateful just to be alive.  I can feel love now and I will never give up on loving me.  I now love and embrace “Nesie”  I love me.