I wont abandon me. (ptsd)

If y’all remember, I had to stop editing my book because of the memories and flash backs I encountered.  It was very puzzling to me that this was happening to me now.  I have worked on this book in some form for the last 12 years. So I wondered, why now? I immediately found a therapist to help me cope and process the feelings that seemed so over whelming. Along with the flashbacks and memories came intense emotions.  I would resist the feelings.  I would find distractions so I did not have to experience this stuff.  I had some events happen in my life that triggered my mind and body to relive one of the most traumatic experiences that happened when I was five.  I had not dealt with this in therapy because I had forgiven the people involved. I learned I still have to process the emotions that are buried in my psyche.  Now is the time my body

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We know

there is a fire you left raging you knew only you could put it out i knew the day i lay eyes on you i knew i would never let you go it seems as though we have come to a fork and i did not even get to drink from the bitter cup   passionate fire burning out of control still we have this connection with our souls i know you are feeling me right now as i write this asking the words to tell me how to leave the thought of you in my dreams where you come to me loving all of me giving me you dreaming of staying together and that is where it stays   we know it is not our time we are not ready to weather whether we like it or not our time is not we know that is why i did us a favor the madness had to stop we were

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