no fairy tales (my issues)

i wasn’t raised on fairy tales

i never thought the prince was coming

i did not look or wait for him

to march in on his horse

no matter the color

i grew up knowing

i had to save myself

i had no visions

of royal kisses in the moonlight

on a castle’s balcony

i took care of myself

i had no dreams of being taken care of

or fitting like a hand and glove

i saw the men come

i saw the men go

no words or show

just go

they were here today and gone tomorrow

leaving behind sorrow

tears and shame

but they were never blamed

it was up to the women

to carry on

make everything work

smiling instead of cussing

laughing to keep from crying

all the while dying for some love

Love in the Secret Place

love dwells in the secret place

resting my tired soul

yielding my mind

to your control

unspeakable joy is complete

I’m made whole

safety is the fortress

that lets me shed my tears

peace is the refuge

to help me face my fears

comfort dwells

in the secret place

while the world swells

with darkness

It is here I find light

strength dwells

in the secret place

all wounds are mended

with the power to endure

as I bear my soul

no thing can touch me

I dwell in the secret place

with you