Pseudo Secrets

I wrote this poem in January, 1999 for the brother we lost to alcoholism.  He was 36. Now 2011 we could lose another brother to alcoholism.  He just turned 37.  They both drank for the same reasons but we pretend it is not happening. We are as Sick as our Secrets and ours are killing us. finally brother you can rest in this world you no longer stay we must accept that god has taken you away no longer do you plead for love from a world grown cold we did not get to see you grow old but now you are free you don’t have to hurt any more finally brother you can rest no need to cry or feel blue one day we will join you you are now comforted by your heavenly father’s arms your soul has taken flight you are smiling at the sight of angels welcoming you into a peaceful rest finally brother you can

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