Hopes and Dreams and Scattered Things

Hopes and dreams, and scattered things and I can’t find myself a part of me is missing lost in the cares of life that kept my dreams at bay a part of me is missing don’t you hear what I say a part of me is missing and I want it back today woke up today did not know where I was why was I living someone else’ dream here I go again giving away self just to get some loving I’m asking me where I be and who is this we are what happened to my dream is it on a shelf, in a jar waiting while I follow some one else’ star has it died or just been deferred will I go back to sleep or finally wake up knowing everything has a price love is never enough if the price is myself hopes and dreams and scattered things and I can’t find myself What I know about

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Sing Cry Moan

Barren Hearts, Fruitful Wombs sing for the mothers cry for the mothers moan for the mothers with barren hearts and fruitful wombs spirits broken leaky souls drained of love wail their moans weep for their wounds who understands their woe the liquor they swallow is to dull the pain their world is a dungeon filled with heroin or crack cocaine coursing through their veins they use to silence terrorist demons that torment their souls who will really see that the men creeping in and out of their bedroom doors are only a band-aid for heart aching sores don’t call them whore or junkies they’re only a product of this country striped of ancestral wisdom culture snatched when foremothers were brought to these so called united shores they united in striping us of our dignity language and families it’s time to restore it’s time to look these mothers in the eyes look at the reality of why they cry sing for

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